Our Natural Dog Food Range

Totally Natural Pet Foods

We only use 100% Natural ingredients in our dog food with no artificial colours, preservatives or additives. None of our natural dog food products contain fillers, grains or cereals. As dog lovers and raw feeders ourselves we have seen first-hand the incredible benefits feeding an unprocessed raw diet brings to our much-loved pets.

Suggested Serving Size Guide

For adult dogs we recommend that you feed 2-3% of their ideal adult body weight divided over two meals per day. For puppies you want to aim for 3% of their expected adult weight throughout their growing phase divided over however many meals you want to feed them per day (normally 3 or 4). There are, however, various factors to consider such as your dogs age, metabolic rate and their activity level. Every dog is different so be prepared to remain flexible and experiment a bit to find out what works best for your individual dog. The best guide is feed more or less depending on how your dog looks and feels. You are aiming to achieve a healthy weight whereby you can just feel their ribs but not see them sticking out. When viewed from above their waist should tuck in and there should be no build-up of excess fat where the body and the tail meet.

Serving Calculator

Toy (1-4kg)

50-150g Serving

Small (4-10kg)

150-300g Serving

Medium (10-25kg)

250-500g Serving

Large (25-45kg)

500-1kg Serving

Giant (45kg+)

2% of Bodyweight

Our Natural Dog Food Range

We produce a wide variety of dog food products that are natural and beneficial for your dog whilst being tasty and very enjoyable. Treat your dog to one of our many products and find your local stockist on our stockist page. Here is an overview of our current product range. Each product is sold in a 1kg Pack and available in a box of 8 x 1kg packs.

Beef and Offal
Beef and Tripe
Lamb and Offal
Lamb and Tripe
Pork and Tripe
Chicken and Tripe
Chicken and Rabbit
Turkey and Tripe
Duck and Tripe
Duck and Rabbit
Salmon and Tripe

Why Choose Totally Natural Pet Foods?

The Benefits of Natural Dog Food

We all want our pets to live long and happy lives. Our range of natural dog food provides a healthy and nutritious diet for your dog, giving their bodies what they want and helping to alleviate dietary issues from processed foods.

Looking to stock our products?

If you’re looking to stock our excellent range of natural dog food products, we’d love to make it happen. If you visit our stockists page we have details on how you can get in touch and become one of our growing number of Totally Natural Pet Food stockists.